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Editor in Chief: Morgan Dolton, Annie Hayes and Chloe Guillot

Feature Editor: Chloe Guillot

Student Life Editor: Morgan Dolton

News Editor: Will Hayes and Caroline Donatell

Copy Editor: Gracie Schroder

Online Editor Molly Michaelis

Opinion Editor: Madeline Paradis

Sports Editors: Holly Sanderson and Ryan Dix

Arts Editor: Annie Hayes

Reporter: Maria Gutierrez, Saria Taylor and Malcolm Berkley

The Pylon Beginning Journalism Web Staff

Editor in Chief: Gavin Gustavson

Arts Editor: Isabella Rubino

Student Life Editor: Camryn Phelps

Opinion Editor: Dalila Jiminez

Sports Editors: Josh Daily

Reporters: Adan Nevarez, Kyle Kresin, Saul Baquera, Nathan Farmer

Online Editor Molly Michaelis


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Comments and concerns

Concerns about content of The Pylon and should be directed to the editors, Chloe Guillot, Morgan Dolton and Annie Hayes, who can be emailed at and called at (785) 309-3578.

Reports about wonkiness and weird stuff on the website—not content related—should be directed to

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