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  • September 18Congrats to our Homecoming Queen candidates: Lydia Dong, Callan Hall, Tyler Vidricksen, Azbey Peckham, and Kendyl Gary!
  • September 17Congrats to our Homecoming King candidates: Kyler Brechisen, Gunnar Gross, Dez Gibson, Jameer Moore, and Levi Losey!
The Voice of Salina Central

CHS Pylon

The Voice of Salina Central

CHS Pylon

The Voice of Salina Central

CHS Pylon

Meet Our Staff!

Editor-in-Chief: Natalia Granado-Flores
Managing Editor, Copy Editor, Online Editor: Azbey Peckham
News Editor, Social Media Leader: Siera Keyser
Sports Editor: Mason Nemechek
Student Life Editor, Social Media Leader: Hadley Johnston
Photo Editor: Mykah Trusty
Sports Reporter: Carson Ablard
Reporter: Joseph Zepeda
Reporter: Q Duxler
Reporter: Holli Crawford
Reporter: Danielle Peckham
Photographer: Jocelyn Del Real
Photographer: Naomi Matthews
Photographer: Amarah Jordan
Photographer: Vix Rasmussen
Photographer: Keaton Myers
Photographer: Tru Lawson
Photographer: Kodi Waite
Photographer: Cindric White
Designer: Angelica Dao
Designer: Danica Dixson
Designer: Gabriel Freeland
Designer: Randi Shuler

The CHS Pylon Online is run by our Online Editor:

 Azbey Peckham

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Twitter: @SCPylon
Tiktok: @chs.pylon


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To submit a letter to the editor for the opinion page, email your letters, preferably limited to 500 words, to [email protected]. Submissions must contain a full name for inclusion, and we will contact you to confirm that you are the author of your letter. Letters may be edited for clarity.

Comments and concerns

Concerns about content of The Pylon and should be directed to the managing/online editor, Azbey Peckham, who can be emailed at [email protected].

Reports about wonkiness and weird stuff on the website—not content related—should be directed to [email protected].

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