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  • March 23Troupe 639 Presents 'The Nerd' from March 31st-April 2nd
  • March 23Boy's Tennis Meet at Home Saturday April, 1st
  • March 23Baseball Game at Junction City Friday March, 24th
  • March 23Softball Game at Home Friday March, 24th
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The Voice of Salina Central

CHS Pylon

The Voice of Salina Central

CHS Pylon

The Voice of Salina Central

CHS Pylon

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Editor In Chief: Chloe Highsmith
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News Editor: Siera Keyser
Sports Editor: Daeton Winebrenner
Assistant Sports Editor: Mason Nemecheck
Online Editor: Liv Owings
Opinion Editor: Tiff Baker
Student Life Editor: Hadley Johnston
Editorial Cartoonist: Rosefinch Allen
Reporter: Armando Duran
Reporter: Q Duxler
Reporter: Joseph Zepeda
Reporter: Corgan Williams
Reporter: Emily Baker
Reporter: Jocelyn DelReal
Reporter: Corgan Williams
Reporter: McKinnley Crough
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Liv Owings
Daeton Winebrenner
Azbey Peckham
Hadley Johnston
Siera Keyser
Randi Schuler

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Concerns about content of The Pylon and should be directed to the editor-in-chief, Chloe Highsmith, who can be emailed at sc[email protected] and called at (785) 309-3578.

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