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Our Money, No Cap

Kamee Robinson & Hailey Vargas, Reporters

October 24, 2019

USD 305 Administrators prefer students do not customize their graduation caps. However, seniors purchase their own caps and should be allowed to personalize them as they would like. I understand that students could completely abu...

This Competitive Craze Brings Nostalgia to Students

Phoebe Montena

October 21, 2019

Central students are no strangers to being on their phone, but over the last month, IOS has released a game that most students remember from their childhood. Mario Kart Mobile is a nostaglic experience for Senior Isaac Morris:...

Stuco Elections

May 3, 2019

With Stuco elections coming up soon, you need to let your voice be heard! How do you do that exactly well, "They have a process where they send an email out to all of the students and depending on your grade you get to vote for your president, vice president, secretary and treasurer," Said Karlyn.

Fear of Driving

Hannah Reed, Emery Newton, and Matteson Miller

May 3, 2019

Driving might seem painless or “easy”, but for some it's terrifying. Many people have a fear of driving, for some it's caused by a past  wreck or injury in a motor accident. Some because they have a fear of something bad happening.

The Discipline Issue

April 23, 2019

The Discipline Issue Within the walls of Salina Central High School, a beast lurks through the halls. This monster is the wave of disrespect and lack of discipline within the student body at Salina Central. While the majori...

Playing the waiting game

Playing the waiting game

September 6, 2012

Seeing double

January 12, 2012

Born one minute apart, these twins are part of the 25% that don't come out faternal. Sharing th exact same DNA, these boys will have you seeing double. "My mom says girls like twins, we get the ladies," said freshman Josh Claybaugh....

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