Seeing double

Born one minute apart, these twins are part of the 25% that don’t come out faternal. Sharing th exact same DNA, these boys will have you seeing double.
“My mom says girls like twins, we get the ladies,” said freshman Josh Claybaugh. Growing up with an identical twin never bothered Josh much, infact he sees at more as a possitive along with his younger brother.

“It’s nice that we have a lot of friends, not just one group,” said freshman Jon claybaugh. Being born only 60 seconds later than Josh, he wouldn’t change a thing. But because of this he also has to do some things outside of school, most people don’t know or ever find out.

“It sucks, I have to get three shots every week, I’ve had to for the past four years,” said Jon. While Josh only shares one procedure the same as Jon, Jon has multiple visits to the doctor, he’s allergic to almost everything.

“We both have to get Glamoglabon at the beginning of each month, it’s this huge needle they leave in your arm for seven hours. When the medicine starts to go low at the end of the month, we go have it done again.” This is one of the few negatives the boys have to say about being a twin.

“Twins are freaky. They’re so awkward and weird… but I like the Claybaugh’s they’re cool” said senior Gabe Guiterrez. One of the things these twins find ‘cool’ about themselves is that they share the same thoughts. You might think it’s only in movies, but Jon can think one thing and Josh will say it.

“When we were little our mom put numbered tape on our feet. But one day our dad took it off, so I might be Jon and he may be Josh” said Josh. Going to the same school, it’s easy to switch them up. And that’se the thing the twins find most annoying. But it’s all worth it, because they’re ‘two’ of a kind.