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To please or not to please…

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I’m such a kid at heart. At fifteen, I still enjoy watching Disney Pixar movies and coloring with crayons. I got excited when I heard that The Lion King movie was going to be in theaters again, but this time in 3D.

Well, I grew up watching PBS Kids. Then again, what high school kid still doesn’t watch at least five minutes of Clifford when they’re at home sick? (I admit I do). But, when I was little, I could spend hours watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, Sesame Street, and Between the Lions. As a toddler and preschooler, my mom had a one hour time period where we would watch PBS.

It grew on me, so when I heard the rumors that the Cookie Monster was going to become the ‘Veggie Monster’, I was ticked. You can’t change the Cookie Monster! It’s like taking Barbie and making her permanently into a nun (but, knowing Barbie, she probably has had a nun outfit at one point or another). It’s wrong on so many levels! Yes, I realize that they are trying to put the idea of eating healthy foods into young children’s minds, but that probably isn’t the best way to do it. I did a little research to find that the Cookie Monster still stuffs his face with plates full of chocolate chip cookies, but now he promotes eating healthier foods. So, isn’t that a little contradicting? “Yeah, while I sit around and eat cookies all day, you have to eat carrots and brussel sprouts!” It irks me!

To please, or not to please? That is the question. Yes, parent’s probably would prefer their children to be taught to eat well, but shouldn’t that be their job? Technically, shoving your kid in front of a TV won’t make them healthier. It’s the parent’s job to feed their children the right foods, not the child’s.

To make matters worse, did you hear about Bert and Ernie? Yeah, well there are tons of petitions online to encourage a gay marriage between them. After all, it might stop the bullying of gay, lesbian, or bisexual people. But, I have a quick question…What preschooler is gay? After all, Sesame Street is directed towards young children, so how can that help the teenagers that are being bullied? My point exactly.

I was slightly relieved though when I saw the facts. Sesame Street claimed that Bert and Ernie are just best friends, and nothing beyond that. Thank goodness!

But as I think back to my childhood years, the only show that has had a major conflict is Sesame Street. Clifford, Caillou, Cyberchase, Arthur and the other PBS Kids shows have only had small changes. They are just like I remember them: entertaining, kid-friendly and educational. I hope that they stay that way.

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To please or not to please…