Thrill-seekers, chill-seekers equally ready for summer break

Students and teachers alike longing for final bell to ring


Joshua Chelvan

Kanopolis Lake 30 miles west of Salina will be a popular destination once students are released for the summer at 1 p.m. Thursday.

Joshua Chelvan, Reporter

When summertime comes for junior Hugo Ugarte-Lara, his favorite things include playing video games, relaxing, and cooking delicious Mexican recipes.
“The benefits from playing video (games) are increased gray matter in the brain and boosted brain connectivity,” he said. “Relaxing can make a sense of calmness and confidence. You can make some healthy food for yourself.”
Ugarte-Lara said that cooking, in particular, is essential.
“You’re going to have to make some food and you can improve on that,” he said.
Freshman Kolbe Shafer said he enjoys playing football and lifting weights during the summer.
“It is exercise and it’s fun,” he said.
Junior Jesus Contreras said he enjoys sports as well, specifically soccer and volleyball.
“They keep me fit,” he said. “I can relax and take my time.”
Contreras said he enjoys it best when he is playing with friends during warmer weather.
“They are team sports that bring friendship and are activities that you can do even if you are not very good,” he said. “You can just have a good time.”
Central English teacher Maggie Corcoran’s favorite activities include swimming, sitting in her hammock, and most importantly, reading.
“Reading is so important,” she said. “If you make a goal to read 20 minutes a day for an entire year, you are exposed to more than 1,800,000 words. That’s evidence enough!”
Particularly this year, Ms. Corcoran said she is looking forward to seeing family.
“I will get to see my sister for the first time in two years!” she said. “I haven’t seen her because of the pandemic.”
Sophomore Robert Tollison’s favorite activity is playing video games. The best time, he said, is midday when he can relax.
“You can do different scenarios that you normally wouldn’t in real life,” he said.
Central History teacher Solomon Rose’s favorite summer activity is camping with family. He said gathering around the campfire and making s’mores is what makes it fun.
“Disconnecting from screens is a major benefit,” he said.
This summer, he is looking forward to taking a camping trip to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.
Sophomore Kendale Paul said he also enjoys the outdoors.
“The most important thing I am looking forward to,” he said, “is going to Texas Motor Speedway to watch the NASCAR All-Star race, then going to a beach house.”
Paul said he enjoys evening fishing with friends and family. Additionally, he loves storm spotting.
“I would not go storm spotting without the proper training,” he said, “But once you do, you get to see what amazing things that Mother Nature can create.”
This summer, everyone will once again find their happy places, away from school for a while.
“The school year is super hectic for me,” Corcoran said. “Summer is a time to recharge so that I am ready for the next school year to start.”