Students see upside of new schedule

Seeing friends, having less homework among the benefits


Joshua Chelvan, Pylon reporter

For students like sophomore Paige Hinca, the full-time schedule is helpful because they can spend more time with the people they love most.

“I am able to learn easier since we have more time in class,” Hinca said. “And the fact that I am able to see my friends.”

Hinca said she feels better mentally because she has less stress about getting her school work done.

“The change has benefited me by giving me time to understand my teachers’ lessons better,” she said, “instead of everything being as rushed as it has been.”

Sophomore Amaro Arceo said he enjoys going full time for multiple reasons.

This schedule is better because it offers students the time in class to get their work done,” Arceo said. “Therefore, they don’t have homework.”

Arceo said he is used to the longer school days. 

Central SPED teacher Jennifer Borger said she is as well.

“This has been my norm for the last several years,” Borger said. “The blocks seem very long, but it’s nice to have everyone back together in one class.” 

Freshman Nehemiah Gomendoza said he liked the previous schedule because he prefers learning at home.

“I would say that the drawbacks for me outweigh the benefits,” Gomendoza said. “Being that I miss the conciseness of the lecture and having more time at home to do homework. 

“Additionally, I feel like the teachers are much less efficient on time. Personally, I would rather have 10 extra minutes working on homework than (teachers) showing unnecessary things.”

Gomendoza said other downsides include longer sitting time in class and the crowded hallways.

It is much bigger of an inconvenience to walk through the halls with it being more of a one-way in the full schedule,” Gomendoza said.

Freshman Kolbe Shafer said more school time cuts into other activities.

“You can’t get enough sleep while doing your homework, sports, and spending time with family,” he said.

Getting more time to sleep at night was a huge help in adjusting to the schedule, Hinca said.

Gomendoza said the key is to make good use of time.

“Getting enough sleep and doing homework earlier is better than later,” he said. “Rather than doing it all at night or all in the morning, do it intermittently so that you aren’t overloaded.”

Mrs. Borger said struggling students should seek help right away.

“Talk to your teachers, let them know so they can help you,” she said. “Talk to your counselor and seek mental health services if needed. There is help out there if you ask.”

Hinca also had some advice for struggling students.

(Don’t) stress out over the small things,” she said, “especially since the school year is about to end anyway.”