Ridin’ into the Sunset

Blake Blackim runs Midwest Music, the main supplier for Salina Central’s band and orchestra instruments. Blackim is the drummer for the Sunset Sinners, the band that he created with three others.

Blackim came from a family of musicians. His dream was to be just like his parents and change the world with his music.

“There was always music playing in the house,” Blackim said. 

Blackim started taking piano lessons at the age of eight, but switched to the drums. His inspiration came from his father who was a jazz drummer. He always had a love for music, but as he got older, that love grew more. 

“As I grew older, I migrated from sports into rock ‘n’ roll music. I remember hearing Beatles albums and Three Dog Nights and it really inspired me,” Blackim said.

Blackim always had a dream of creating a band and finally went for it. He created the band “Sunset Sinners” in 2019. It has since become a band known all over the world. Recently, the band has taken off in France. 

“People in France really just love American music,” Blackim said. 

Sunset Sinners first song that took off was called “One More Beer,” the thought came to Blackim while he was writing and thinking of one thing that can bring everyone together. 

“The world is really divided right now, but one thing that can bring us together is music,” Blackim said. 

Not only has the band had a huge hit in France, they are very popular in the Midwest, where it all began. 

Senior Aidan Speer began listening to them last year and has been a fan ever since. He was able to go to one of the last concerts before COVID-19 hit and enjoyed every second of it. 

“I really enjoy listening to the Sunset Sinners and I was so glad when I had the opportunity to go to one of their concerts before everything got shut down,” Speer said.

The Sunset Sinners finally were able to get back on the stage to have concerts again in March of this year. Check out the map to see when they will be playing near you.