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Local coffee shop provides study atmosphere, great drinks

Many things had to change due to COVID-19. One of the biggest changes for teenagers was school. There were many schedule changes. One of those changes had a positive impact on a group of students. 

USD 305 decided that there would be two different groups of students that went everyday for only half a day. 

Finding the right to time study in between classes and extracurricular activities was difficult for some students. 

A specific study group that formed this year were seniors Josh Cunningham, Spencer Angell, Isabella Rubino, and junior Peyton Wood. They are fortunately all in the Cohort A group so they were able to make time and study during Cohort B’s time at school. 

“This study group has definitely helped my grades because we can talk about the assignments we do,” Cunningham said. 

These four students started this study group in order to commit their time to studying and being motivated.

This study group goes to a local book and coffee shop located in downtown Salina, Kan. called Ad Astra Book and Coffee Shop every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

“We keep a pretty consistent schedule every week. That helps us because we always know when we’ll be able to get our work done,” Rubino said. 

All four students have seen great increases not only in their grades, but also in their understanding of the material they need to know for the following day at school. 

“I always like hanging out with my friends, so it’s nice to be able to study and still be with them and work with them,” Cunningham said. 

Ad Astra Book and Coffee Shop has been a great study environment for many small groups of students. They have made some adjustments to allow as many study groups in the facility as possible even with the COVID-19 restrictions. 

“We have seen an increase in smaller study groups for sure but not like it used to be with the bigger study groups. We have made sure that we take the needed precautions to stay open during these hard times,” owner of Ad Astra Books and Coffee Shop Tammy Jarvis said. 

With COVID-19 and the crazy months that it has caused, this study group is thankful that they can create some sort of normalcy and make time to study when they would normally be in school.