The Walking Dead Review


By Anyah Polk-Darby, Pylon Staff Writer

Going into a pandemic, I was given more time to binge watch shows that I’ve always wanted to watch.

One show in particular was The Walking Dead. It’s a fictional TV show that was released in 2010. The show is mainly about humans trying to fight off walkers, or more commonly known, zombies.

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The main character, Rick Grimes, a sheriff, who is introduced first in the show, continues to fight after losing his wife, Lori, during her pregnancy. Rick continues to fight to bring communities together and team up to have more safe havens –small communities that are stranded and without food and water who band together in order to survive.

I like how the scenery in the show is very realistic, it starts off as an old school look, but as you get into episodes the pictures take on a brighter look. I like how pieces of information are given little by little instead of it just going straight to the point. It leads you on, makes you want to watch it more.

The zombies in the show look very real, with the growling sounds they make, the way their clothes are torn and their walk, especially with the scenes of them ripping flesh from the characters. It gets very gory, but that’s what makes the show fun!

One thing that stands out a lot in this show is how the characters relate very much to real world problems with some struggling with depression, alcohol and family abuse and losing their loved ones.

I am not a very sentimental person so it was very different for me as I started to create a relationship with some of the characters in the story and then watching them die as if I’ve known them personally. It definitely brings you an uneasy feeling when something terrible happens at the end of an episode and you have to wait to see what’s going to happen next.

The whole idea of this show is to show that no matter where you come from or what you have done in your past, you can always change that around. It’s never too late. 

TWD is on its 10th season now, you can stream it on AMC, Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max.