Raising the legal age for vaping raises the health risks for teens

Hannah Watkins

In 2019 the changing of age restrictions against buying vape products affected a lot of teens. Not being able to buy vape related things, they are now going out of their way to get them. This has become a problem because people are now buying from sources that they don’t know of personally.

They are meeting at random places in the middle of the night by themselves. This is raising the risk of someone getting set up to get hurt. This is also raising the risk of buyers getting fake products.

Whether its not a vape product or if it is a vape product but not the right ingredients. People buying the wrong products have been a problem with health issues. They were affecting peoples lives and even killing some people. Although there hasn’t really been a way that has solved vaping. To keep people from going and risking their health and safety, changing the law wasn’t the right idea.