Life 360

Parents use app to track students location, speed, life

Violet Arb

Life 360 is an app primarily used as a tracker, for parents to monitor their children. What they do, where they go, even how fast they are traveling.

Sometimes when a parent makes their child install the app on their phone, it can be upsetting.

Feeling like the app is more of a nuisance than a helper, some people have found ways around the tracking system in order to sneak out. Such as installing the app on another device, like an IPad, then leaving at home so you can take your phone out with you.

36% of student’s guardians track their location through their phone. ”

Freshman Phoebe Montena’s parents use the app to track her, “When I first had it installed on my phone I was like, ‘Do they really not trust me? Do I need to be tracked? I mean is this all really necessary? Then later on with it I felt better about it because I knew they could track my driving and where it was so I thought that might make them trust me more.'”

Tracking apps may not work on some students, “I feel like it will work with some kids, but the there’s also some kids that really don’t care if they break the rules or nor so I don’t think it would work with them,” Montena said.

More teens are becoming comfortable with sharing their location according to a survey by the Life 360 company. 86 percent were okay it especially because of the app’s safety features. Life360 comes with crash detection technology and emergency contact on its Driver Protect plan, so if you are involved in a major collision, someone will contact you to make sure you’re okay. They will also call someone on you’re emergency contact list that you set up when you make an account.

Roadside Assistance is also included in order to to assist in situations like towing, flat tires, engine jumping, starts, running out of gas, emergency weather advice, minor accidents, and being locked out of your vehicle. They’ll send someone to come help you out if you’ve been stuck somewhere.

Not all teens are in-favor of their parents tracking them however. Senior Arran Wilson is not a fan. “My parents do track me with Life360 and I find it really annoying because it tells exactly what speed I’m going when I drive, so they can see if I’m going too fast or something. They tell me it’s just as a safety thing, so they know where I am, but it’s definitely used more to restrict me.