School lunch is probably more like prison food

Layna Kinnaird

Eating school lunches feels like I’ve been incarcerated and forced to eat the prison food. I’ve been eating school lunches ever since first grade, and all I can remember is feeling sick and hungry for the rest of the day. 

Schools give out lunches that are neither large enough in portion size, nor are wholly nutritious for growing adolescents, and we’re left starving for the rest of the day. We, as high schoolers, need more food and bigger meals than say, elementary kids, yet we still get the same amount as they do, despite being twice their size. And teachers wonder why we’re so drained during class. 

From personal experience, I can barely ever focus on my school work when I’m still hungry. For example, in the salad line, you can either choose a premade salad, a sandwich, or a box with yogurt, a cheese stick and a small bag of goldfish. You can only have one of those three “entrees.” Do you really consider a yogurt, cheese stick and pretzels a meal? It sounds like a joke to me. 

I want to feel full and satisfied after lunch, but instead my stomach still growls. 

Most of the lunches taste bad, too. There are a couple good ones, like the crispito, don’t get me wrong, but can we talk about the orange chicken and rice meal? It tastes like I’m eating orange peels and seeds. 

Almost every day, the friends I sit with at lunch complain about being starving and only having a scoop of lettuce and mushy potatoes because the kitchen ran out of chicken sandwiches. I can’t imagine how many times 4th luncher’s get nothing to eat. Not to mention the athletes in our school who need even more nutrients and protein, but rarely ever get enough with the food that is provided.

What we need is a full meal without paying $2.25 for an extra entree. A premade salad and a sandwich. More than one small scoop of orange chicken or baked beans. We already pay enough for our lunches to not even be able to consider it a meal.