Parent-teacher conferences looking to change

Charlie Truelove

Parent-teacher conferences may be updated next semester. The Building Leadership Team has been pitching ways to make the experience better. 

Many students and parents alike have gripes about it. “Honestly-I don’t like how it worked. I’d rather it be each teacher in their own room,” freshman Jacob Grimes had to say.

Freshman Harper Johnston’s conferences went well, but “A lot of my teachers were really busy so we had to stand around and wait for a while.”

“I feel like they should have a third day to do conferences since there’s more students than there are in the middle or elementary schools,” Grimes said.

I just want each teacher to be in their room and for us to go to each teacher we want to talk to.”

— freshman Jacob Grimes

Nothing has been decided yet, but principal Dr. Brungardt aims to increase attendance. “In the fall of 2019, we had 435 out of 996 parents show up, which is 43.67%. In the fall of ‘18, we had 486 parents out of 1,113 students, so 47.98% showed up.”

“What we’re really looking at is just doing a modification and then trying to figure out how do we want to engage in these types of conversations.”

Be it through scheduling conferences, or changing locations, something may change. Conferences are a conversation between students, parents, and teachers. All of these parties need to be accommodated.

Should parent-teacher conferences change?

  • No (65%, 15 Votes)
  • Yes (35%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 23

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