Change in AP testing

Zoe Burmaster

With a new principal there are changes that are going to happen. One of them is the changing of our AP tests. Last year our Principal Nate Showman paid for half of our AP tests and gave the decision to teacher where if a student took the AP test they could get out of the final for that class if the teacher lets them. This year with our new principal Doctor Brungardt we are not able to get out of the final if we take the AP tests. He also is not paying for them and he isn’t pushing them as much. Junior Madelynn Nash said “I am glad he is not paying for it because people don’t have to take them so people aren’t as stressed.” With AP classes taking a lot of hard work and lots of students spend hours on homework per night. “I can spend around two hours on homework for a class per night.” Nash said. With students being involved in lots of extracurricular activities and lots of homework students can become very busy and stressed out. Some kids take more than one AP class. Junior Reed McHenry is in three AP classes and has taken six total. “I think we should get out of the final is we take the AP test because the test bad final would both be very stressful for some kids and it would be nice to only have to study for one.” McHerny said. Without _ pushing the AP tests as much as Showman did lots of people won’t be taking the test. For English teacher Karen Abker who teaches AP Lit “I think it will give us a truer read of where our kids stand.” Abker said. The kids who are truly serious about taking the test will be able to take it and if someone truly needs financial help there will be a reduced fee for them. “The Ap exam is by far tougher than anything i’m going to through at them.” Abker said.