Our Money, No Cap

Kamee Robinson & Hailey Vargas, Reporters

USD 305 Administrators prefer students do not customize their graduation caps.

Almuna Thy Nguyen

However, seniors purchase their own caps and should be allowed to personalize them as they would like.

I understand that students could completely abuse their power of decorating caps, but other students would use it as a way to express themselves and who they’ve become throughout high school.

We have heard that decorating our caps would be unprofessional and dishonorable.

But when reading the school student handbook and the USD 305 policy, does not state that we are unable to decorate our graduation caps, but our school Administration has made it a spoken policy.

Alumni Brett Norris, Douglass Chance, and Rebecca Hough celebrate their graduation.

Therefore, while protecting the first amendment, we should be able to personalize our graduation caps for our ceremony.

It would also be helpful for our parents to pick us out at our ceremony, we want to make our parents proud and show we made it.

Do you think we should be able to personalize their graduation caps?

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