This Competitive Craze Brings Nostalgia to Students

Phoebe Montena

Central students are no strangers to being on their phone, but over the last month, IOS has released a game that most students remember from their childhood.

Mario Kart Mobile is a nostaglic experience for Senior Isaac Morris: Morris played the original on his Nintendo DS when he was in second grade. He now gets to relive those memories on his phone, “I’ve always been a fan of Mario Kart… I played that game so much, ” Morris said.

Photo courtesy of Phoebe Montena

Morris has already beaten the game, thanks to using drift. “Drift, you get more points…it’s overall a better, quicker use of the steering mechanics,” Morris said. he currently doesn’t have a Nintendo Switch, so for Morris, ┬áthe phone, “is the best way to play.”

For Freshman Gavin Heysquirdo, Nostalgia was was also a big part of why he downloaded the app. “the game was the original on the N-64,” Heysquirdo said, additionally that the game looked “lit.” Differing in opinion from Morris, Heysquirdo dislikes the steering, as he describes it, “it’s trash.”

Both gentlemen recommended downloading the app and using the drift feature, go download the app from the App Store and tap into your childhood. If you have downloaded the app, go take our poll if you use drift or manual down below.


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