Boring No More

Josh Warner, Rylee Barrett, Reporters

A lot of people think that debate is boring, but if you asked some of the students who are on the debate team, you would hear different. 

I like debate because arguing is my strong suit,”

— junior, Roise Ginn



While some join debate because they love to argue, others join debate because they love public speaking.

“I joined the debate because I love public speaking and being in debate just helped me love that more,” Sophomore Vidhi Bhakta said.

Debate is not just arguing randomly, the students on the debate team has to prepare for their debates. Freshmen Phoebe Montena practices a lot before a debate.

“I go over both sides, and I ask myself questions so that I am prepared for the debate,” Montena said. 

Even though the students on the team practice a lot, not all of them feel like they are really ready for the debate.

“You can never really prepare completely when you on the negative team. It comes down to hoping you have the right evidence to refute their plan,” Ginn said. 

Going to a debate tournament can be boring for some people, but the debate team puts a lot of work into each competition.

“Typically there are five rounds at a debate tournament. You are guaranteed two rounds as the affirmative side and the rest are usually negative,” Ginn explained.

Debate may seem boring to watch for some people, but not for the debate students who work hard for each tournament.