Homecoming queen and king represent minorities

Allie Fischer

On Oct. 11, the football team won their homecoming game against Newton, but the team were not the only big winners that night.

Senior Jacqui Dyson and senior Israel Torres came home with their homecoming king and queen crowns.

Two candidates from minority backgrounds won. That has never happened before.

The last time a black woman won homecoming queen was 5 years ago, in 2014.

As for Torres there has never been a Hispanic king. Making Dyson and Torres the only two people of color to win over the votes of the student body in the same year.

When asked if Dyson knew that she was going to win she said had no idea, “I actually didn’t know because the other candidates are so amazing and I’m just me.”

“I was in shock because I didn’t think that many people liked me.” -Jacqui Dyson

Senior Saria Taylor, cheer co-caption to Dyson says he knew Jacqui was going to win the crown, “I just had a feeling she was going to the queen that she is, the whole cheer squad was so happy for her.”