New annual All-City Orchestra starts October 25

Charlie Truelove

This year, Salina orchestras have started the All-City Honor Orchestra. On October 25, at 7 PM, they will play at Kansas Wesleyan University.

High school orchestras from all around Salina will come together to play. Hopefully, in the coming years, this will extend to home-schooled students as well. 

Coming out to watch and listen is not only showing respect about the effort we put in, but also your appreciation of these great musical pieces ”

— Maxwell Phachanla

The pieces will include The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Richard Meyer, Waltz of the Flowers, and In the Hall of the Mountain King. The latter two have been heard by everyone around the globe. 

“I wanted to get more involved with my community and the orchestra,” freshman Valerie Baker, a violinist, commented.

Freshman cellist Maxwell Phachanla thought it would be an interesting experience. “Even though there were a few troubles when I was sight-reading the music, I was able to push through and learn and improve how I play, as I simply enjoyed the style of the piece.”

The auditions were open to any orchestra students in the grade. This means that the pieces have to accommodate freshmen and seniors.

“I think it’s a nice variety to the music the orchestra program at school provides; it’s a nice change of pace and challenge,” junior Tobi Duckworth said.

All-City isn’t only an opportunity for freshmen to get involved. Duckworth sees a chance to be part of a new tradition. “I thought it would be really cool that I would be a part of the very start of it.”

“It’s actually a lot of fun to work with upperclassmen and learn techniques from them,” Baker said. 

The Central-only piece will be Midnight Howl, composed by Katie O’Hara LaBrie. This will start the concert. The All-City Philharmonic will end it with In the Hall of the Mountain King. 

“I think people should go see All-City because it’s a great opportunity to see what different orchestra programs have to offer, without having to go to three different concerts,” freshman violist Harper Johnston had to say.

Johnston also stated, “My favorite piece is Midnight Howl because we were already learning it in class, so it was easy for me to practice and work on. Also, I like playing tangos because they always have unique stylistic elements.”

The first annual SACHO aims to give students the experience of working in a philharmonic orchestra. Each year, KWU will aid in giving these opportunities.