“School Safety”

Kamee Robinson & Hailey Vargas, Reporters

On Oct. 10 a serious situation occurred on our campus.

A fellow student had the possession of a weapon, we are clear of who it is, Samuel Cheney, 16, and what the weapon was, a 9mm pistol, but is school safety a top priority if the students and staff weren’t informed until after school?

Email sent to parents about incident.

Samuel Cheney may have had intentions of doing harm. None of our staff knew about the incident until after school hours.

Staff should’ve known about what would occur many hours before the end of the school day.

As students, we are provided a safe and welcoming school environment, not where we are scared to come to school because a person feels obligated to do harm.

No student or faculty member should fear their lives are at stake while being in or teaching class.

No Weapons Allowed on school property sign posted on an entrance of school. Photo courtesy of Hailey Vargas

Although, after being located by Administration, the person had fled campus.

The Salina Police Department had apprehended Cheney blocks away, while recovering a 9mm pistol in the area.

Our school should have taken more action with this incident. As the handbook states, “Ensuring that school is a safe place for learning is of the utmost importance to us at Salina High School Central.”

Salina Central should have been compelled into going on lock down for the students and faculty members safety.

If safety is a top priority, why isn’t it taken more seriously? It makes our school look bad and thinking we don’t care about the people in our school.

The question that we also ponder, was the surrounding area where Cheney was apprehended notified of a fire arm in the area?  If not, were their any other precautions taken?

The neighborhood should be informed regardless if it was inside our school because you never know when they will flee the scene.