Inclusion for all in P7 Bible club

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Inclusion for all in P7 Bible club

Ethan Brown and Phoebe Montena

Inside of Mr. Rose’s room, this past Wednesday a new buzz, starting to flutter. senior Ashlee Britt was not fulfilled with the religious culture at Central, she wanted an environment of inclusivity. So, Britt brought the P7 Bible Club to Central.

“I am a ‘Jesus Freak’ it’s literally even like my WiFi password,” said Britt, who after realizing that displeasurement of kids on her bus route, wanted to bring God’s hope to Central.

Britt found the P7 organization through the North American Youth Conference in St. Louis, Mo., a youth conference for Christians, Britt has attended multiple times.

“It is a student led bible study, that meets every week and discusses real world application” Britt said when asked about the what P7 club was. We asked Britt why the bible class is called P7 , “It’s called Project 7, because it is the greatest project to work on in… middle school and high school,” Britt said. In the Bible, seven is the most sacred number. 

The club’s mission statement is to “unlock faith, unleash truth, elevate Christ, and serve others” Britt hopes to accomplish this through weekly devotional study and volunteering.

The club will provide opportunities for volunteer hours, because they are planning a community outreach event to take place this November. 

Senior Jeramia Clifford, another member of the P7 club, joined because “(I want) to get more knowledge about stuff that I haven’t before, learn some new things,” Clifford said. 

Central is a very diverse conglomeration of students, 40% of students polled in our journalism, out of ten students, were not Christians. Taking this into consideration, we talked to Freshman Athea Illingworth, an atheist. “I don’t know if I believe in Him, I believe… it’s up to you to believe, (in your faith),” Illingworth said.

The Project 7 club wants to be an open community for all, Britt made this a point of emphasis, “I want to share my love (for God), that’s my goal,” Britt said.

The P7 club is always looking for new members, for students who aren’t Christian, Clifford encourages them to come to meetings, “Give it a try, you won’t know unless you give it a try,” Clifford said. When asked why students should attend P7 Britt said, “God loves everybody… and it is your choice (whether you believe), but I want to show you his love.”

The P7 club will continue to meet on Wednesdays in Mr. Rose’s room during ELO.

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