Making a comeback

Alumnus Dr. Matt Brungardt returns to CHS with hopes of improving his school

Harper Heath, Reporter

Salina Central has a new principal; alumnus Dr. Matthew Brungardt.

“It’s a little strange, in that when I went to school here I never thought I’d be a principal of this school, it is cool because you know I spent time here and I have some things in common with all the students,’’ Brungardt said.

He attended school here in 1984 through 1988.

“I love that he is a former mustang. I love that he knows us and the students, he knows the high school. I love how he knows who we are and he kinda has a plan for that,” said English teacher Karen Abker.

Brungardt has been the principal at different schools throughout Kansas.

“I think just my ED patterns and being all over the state and being at some bigger schools I think it has really helped by giving me a structure to rely on and some things to pull on as issues have come up,” said Brungardt.

I just kind of want to come in and see what is going on make some tweaks along the way”

— Dr.Brungardt

Since Brungardt attended Central, we have had many aesthetic changes made to the school, such as expanding the main hallway; but that didn’t help with the traffic last year trying to travel between classes.

“The hallways are a lot less crowded than they were last year,’’ said Senior Madison Pham.

This was a large problem last year with the freshman class. Brungardt has brought good leadership to Central this year.

“He has structures to things, ” said Mrs. Abker.

At the beginning of the 2019 school year, the start of each class had a small power point that told the students about expectations, which was a change from years before.

“There’s been some little changes like that but mostly I just want to use the time to evaluate and figure out what we need to do to make the school better and take it to the next level,” said Brungardt.

His focus is to make Salina Central a better place than it has been in the past. He plans on evaluating the school for his first year and does not plan on making any drastic changes.

“I just kind of want to come in and see what is going on make some tweaks along the way,” said Brungardt.