The marvelous making ‘of Earnest’

Ella Eaton, Reporter

This year’s fall play, “The Importance of Being Earnest,” is one that showcased how much talent Troupe 639 has. Mr. Jones is an amazing director who fosters an environment in which actors have the ability to reach their full potential, and the cast and crew get along very well.

            “I love how interactive Mr. Jones is when he is directing. He makes it feel like we are genuinely in the time period we are performing in,” senior Isaac Morris said.

             Mr. Jones gives thought-provoking advice to the actors that helps them tune into their character’s personality. Theater shows can often be stressful, however the actors and actresses make their own fun out of it.  the

            “The cast always had a lot of laughs together, my favorite memories were of us trying to mess with each other on and off stage. We would always ask Mr. Jones if we could sit on the swing in Act II and he would freak out. That was always funny,” junior Avery Smith said. 

            The cast has so much fun together both on and off the stage. The cast and crew have inside jokes and funny references to previous shows, and work very well together. 

            “I try to always be thankful for the backstage crew and make them feel appreciated, usually that keeps things running smoothly,” Morris said.

            The backstage crew works hard to make sure that the logistics of the show go like they’re supposed to, and sometimes the actors have to help move set pieces and props. The willingness of the actors to help out backstage and the backstage crew to help out the actors is a large factor in what makes theater shows at Central High so fun to watch.

            “The set was really small so building wasn’t too hard, but the amount of props we had to get ready and in position everyday was hard to remember. We only had three people to move the set every time and it was really heavy so it took all of us to communicate with each other to move it and figure out where everything goes,” junior Madelynn Nash said.