School Lunches are Leaving Students Hungry

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School Lunches are Leaving Students Hungry

Kamee Robinson & Hailey Vargas, Editor/Reporter

School lunches have been a problem since the start of this year.

We constantly deal with the same four lunches: chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, pizza, and chicken fried steak. 

We have had chicken nuggets approximately six times in the months of August and September. There is no longer a huge variety of lunches.

Junior Neena Clayson states, “ If I didn’t have to eat them, I wouldn’t.”

Sophomore Zoe Burmaster, a student who brings a sack lunch, agrees that, “School lunches don’t look filling and should be homemade.”

Small proportions during lunch.

Budgeting could be a reason why we have smaller and more repetitive lunches. The NSLP is the National School Lunch Program. The NSLP is a program that feeds students in over 100,000 schools, around 7.7 million students pay for school lunches each day, while other get it for free.

While schools make over $495 from each student that pays for a school lunch, we should have more appealing options.

“They are more definitely more options but, they aren’t good. It is like going from jail food to prison food.” says Freshman Dion McNeal.