Toxic Feminism is Real, it’s Time You Start Caring

Layna Kinnaird

I am not a femininst. That may come as a shock to some people, because most just assume I am because I’m a girl. One can be feminine without necessarily being a feminist. That’s what I am. “So you don’t believe women should have equal rights?” This is something I hear far too often when expressing my opinions on the topic of feminism. Not only is this completely untrue, it’s stereotyping those who don’t identify as feminists, and it makes them seem like misogynists. 

We are all quite familiar with the term “toxic masculinity” in this day and age, but something less spoken of and equally as significant is toxic femininity; when a woman uses her gender as an excuse or to obtain certain privileges. Feminism is a set of ideologies that demands equality between men and women politically, socially, and economically. Feminists strive to draw an end to patterns that have disserviced women. Yet you can still be feminine without being toxic, and not all feminists are toxic either.

In actuality, not identifying yourself as a feminist does not always mean you don’t belive in equal rights for women. You can still believe in equal rights and not necessarily want to adopt that term. You also don’t have to be part of this ideology (feminism) to have similar opinions and views on gender equality as some that are a part of that ideology. For example, a feminist believes that a woman should recieve equal pay as men, and someone who doesn’t identify as a feminist still believes this just as well. You can be feminine without being toxic, and not all feminists are toxic either.

Feminism becomes toxic when it puts women on a pedestal above men”

— Alayna Kinnaird

Feminism becomes toxic when it puts women on a pedestal above men, and when it degrades them just for being male. Some feminists assume and blame all men for being sexist and creating a divide between the genders. One of the most used (and definitely the most annoying) toxic act some feminists use is pushing or forcing their beliefs on non-feminists, and making them feel guilty for not identifying as one. Toxic femininity can be shown by body shaming another woman or abusing or assaulting a man, then pulling the “woman card” so that she couldn’t get hit back. Girls in my classes being verbally abusive and then blaming their PMS. Using their “weak points” to their advantage (this too is what creates the false perception that women are lesser than men, and is counterproductive to the idea of feminism.)

Since toxic masculinity is seen as such a big cultural issue in our generation, toxic femininity needs to be seen in the same light. Stop ignoring the obvious problems. This is why there is still a division between male and female.