Fear of Driving

Hannah Reed, Emery Newton, and Matteson Miller

Driving might seem painless or “easy”, but for some it’s terrifying. Many people have a fear of driving, for some it’s caused by a past  wreck or injury in a motor accident. Some because they have a fear of something bad happening.

“You might be the best driver on planet Earth, but if someone else decides to be reckless it could cost your life,” Freshman Chloe Flener said.

You might have a panic attack or just totally shut down when you get behind the wheel.

“I tense up and start freaking out, because i’m scared i’m going to hurt myself or somebody else,” Freshman Ashley Drummer said.

When it’s your first time driving it’s extremely scary, not only because you’ve never drove before but because you don’t want to mess up and cost somebody their lives. On the other hand, it is the best feeling to some people. A high number of people think driving is terrifying, it doesn’t make them a “chicken” or a “scaredy cat” it’s just something they are scared of and we all are scared of something. So, if you have a fear of driving calm down and breathe, everything will be alright!