‘It’s easy to stay positive’

I think I come by it naturally, I think some people are naturally glass half full or glass half empty sort of people”

— Melinda Jett

English Teacher Melinda Jett is a very positive person. Positivity is something that a lot of people have, but others come off negative on themselves. “I read a lot, about people who have overcome obstacles. If they can do it why cant I do it.

I draw strength from my students and things they have to deal with at home” Mrs. Jett said. Most students towards the end of the year just want to give up. Either they’re tired of it and ready for school to be out, or they don’t think its necessary even though this is your education. Mrs. Jett says “don’t give up on yourselves” for a positive message during the end of the year. Some students have been working so hard and they hit a wall and that’s when they want to stop working hard. “If someone is down I will just start talking to them, and asking them if they’re okay, what I can do, telling them i’m available if they need somebody to talk to.” Lots of people talk about the idea of having positive notes around the halls so students and teachers can look at it to remind them to keep going. You’ll never know who’s going to need it. “If it affects one person, then it’s worth it.” Even though some teachers might not like the idea of positive messages around the halls, it’s always worth a try. If you or know someone who is experiencing a negative mindset just do it for others, or serve for others. “Mrs. Parody, the people I work with, and my family help me stay positive” People need to have a positive mindset in this environment.