Art Show 2019

On Thursday April 18th, 2019 Salina Central held an art show for the young artists enrolled in Salina Central High School. Art teacher, Larry Cullins says the main reason of the art show was due to the students not having a place to show their work without being judged by a committee of judges. Thus, the open art show. Each student had to submit at least one piece of art, while some students submitted as many as ten pieces.

During the art open house, food and punch is served while the participants vote on their favorite piece. They call this The People’s Choice. The following morning after the art show, the top three winners of the open house are announced on the intercom. Some artists here at Central choose to sell their artwork as well. Our principal, Nathaniel Showman had the idea to buy a piece of artwork every year to hang in the hallways, so eventually the school will be flooded with artwork.


Former Salina Central student and now art teacher, Kiersten Dykes says, “It’s fun because I used to be a student whose work used to be in the shows. It’s a fun tradition that students and people in the community get excited about.” Every year the art show is different, and many new pieces are submitted each year. Although the art room is now a bit smaller, both teachers have made it work and displayed each piece of art perfectly.

Artwork by Raymond Madera

Many students continuously participate in the art show. Senior Logan Roush has participated every year. Roush commented that his first year in the art show was fun, interesting and something new to experience. When asked if the first time was stressful, Roush comments, “It was kind of stressful because there are so many people in there and so much going on, but it was great.” Roush submitted twenty pieces into the art show this year.

This years art show was marked as a success, and many students and teachers are already anticipating next years.