Seeing the future in finance

Hannah Watkins, Writer

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When students hear about financial literacy they usually have no idea what it means. Those don’t get to learn about financial literacy until senior year. Most students don’t know as much as they should have before senior year. Which is when most of them are about to leave and live their life outside of their parents house and going to college or just moving out. This is not giving these kids enough time to prepare themselves. As freshmen’s there is a event that happened on April 18. This event was to teach freshmen about how life would be at the age of 26.

As they walked in they gave you your specific paper that had their profile on it according to their career cruising information. They had your career, monthly wage and marital status.

I’ll probably use the budgeting and maintaining my money more after going to the event today”

— Freshman Isaac Clark

The volunteers had booths for transportation, child care, food, houses, etc. Each student had to go to each booth and say how much they wanted to spend. This event was to show people how life could be for them.

“Our goal is to expose students to what life could be like at age 26, we hope they will learn to make some better decisions in high school like their grades, their career paths, and live the kind of life they want to live” Executive Director of Salina Area United Way, Amanda Michaelis said.

Having this event for freshmen will make sure that they know how to manage their money and make sure they know how it will work when they are older. This gives these students a chance to experience and figured out how to manage their money and to make sure they have money at the end of the month. This also shows the students why their parents make the choices they do about vacations, cars and things like that. Showing them how to make the right decision early on in life will make sure they do later. We asked a freshman student if he would use this later on in his life and this was his response.

“I’ll probably use the budgeting and maintaining my money more after going to the event today” Freshmen Isaac Clark said

Going to this event and speaking to volunteers about their specific career and how much they would make a month and how much they would spend on each station really opened the minds of these students. They can now manage their money to how they need and they can use this experience to help them in the future.

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