Boutique Bonding

Senior Kamryn Arnold creates clothing connections

Gage Burmaster, Concha Campa, Miles Denning, Molly Michaelis

A Day at Blushe

As the final bell of the day rings students rush to their sports practices or theatre performances while others rush to start their shift like senior Kamryn Arnold. Arnold works at Blushe Boutique which is a clothing store that focuses on women’s clothing and accessories in downtown Salina.

“I really enjoy working at Blushe Boutique, because McKenzie Welsh, the owner is really easy to work with. She’s really flexible and understands that Annie and I are just high schoolers which means our schedules change so she’s really awesome at working with us along with making it a fun environment to work in. She also allows us to do things that we might not be able to do in other places for example we get to help with customers lives and go to dinner together when we hang out and get stuff ready around the store,” Arnold said.

Arnold is incharge of keeping the store in order, hanging up clothes and helping the customers find clothes along with helping customers check out which has helped Arnold make connections for the future.

“I’m making connections for my future here at Blushe because when customers come in you get to really create a relationship with them and get to know them especially the regulars because they come in often and you know what they like so you can show them the new items around the store and help them find items they will love,” Arnold said. 

“At Blushe we all have a connection all of us employees are pretty close and if we do something over the weekend we will send pictures in our group chat and we have gotten to know each other very well. We also get to experience different moments together through the store and outside of the store which has helped us create a better relationship with one another.”


The Start of Blushe

McKenzie Welsh, owner and Central High alumna participated in multiple extracurricular activities like volleyball, cheer, FCCLA and yearbook in which she developed her leadership skills which she now uses daily to run Blushe.

“After I graduated from Central I made my way down to Oklahoma State in Stillwater, Oklahoma. We had a ton of shopping opportunities when I was down at Oklahoma State and when I came back to Salina that shopping opportunity wasn’t there so I saw an opportunity in downtown Salina,” Welsh said.

“I started in June 2017 and at the end of August It was either shut it down or keep it going and we made it through our first year which they say if you make it through your first year then you know you somewhat got it. Now we are in our second year and we’re doing awesome.”

Welsh’s leadership skills that she obtained during high school have allowed her to connect with her vendors along with her employees which has made her working atmosphere better.

I was heavily involved with leadership stuff and that has really transitioned well into owning a boutique along with being a leading a team. The leadership stuff I did in high school shines in the day to day stuff at Blushe,” Welsh said.


Blushe makes Connections

Blushe has worked with Central students multiple times. Blushe has created connections with them by allowing students to volunteer to help run community events.

Central just holds a special place in my heart.”

— Owner McKenzie Welsh

“We work a ton with Central High School students in which we make a lot of connections through for example we had a group of guys that volunteered when we did a race outside of our building and actually every single employee here has been from Central High School. Central just holds a special place in my heart. I know a ton of the kids and their values so it’s a no brainer to me when one of them applies I jump on the gun to make them apart of Blushe,” Welsh said.

Being a Central student has helped Arnold connect with customers which has helped her create long lasting relationships.

“When customers come in and we get to talking and get to know each other we find out that they are also from Central or have kids going to Central which is really awesome to have that connection and be able to relate to the customers,” Arnold said.