The Soc Cafe

A fun and relaxing environment!

Madison Wedgewood, Abigail Henning, and Airykah Harrington

We can all agree on one thing, High school can be stressful at times. This is why Junior, Michael Ramirez created the Soc Cafe! The Soc is an abbreviation for sociology, which is, The study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. “The Soc cafe is a welcoming environment that was meant to show student’s the wonderful world of sociology,” Said Ramirez. The Soc Cafe is every other Tuesday in Mr. Rose’s room number 2224. In each meeting there would be provided, cafe themed, food and drink.

The experience should be a “Positive environment, I enjoyed it very much, another part of the little club I formed here is, relaxation, because I know high school is very stressful in school and out.  I want there to be somewhere kids can relax, have a good laugh, and eat some food,” Ramirez said. The Soc Cafe is a positive and relaxing environment where you can unwind from your stressful day at school.

There are no requirements at all in order to join the Soc cafe. This cafe not only shows students the world of Sociology, but also gives students a place to sit and communicate with one another. Normally about what teens usually go through and things they might stress over school wise, like said before. Overall this cafe can be a sanctuary for stressed teens in high school.

You can Join by “Simply by going up to either me or Mr. Rose, asking to join and you’re officially a member.” This Cafe is a effortless way to get things off your chest and reduce stress. Come Join today!