A look into our new officer, Sam

Payton Griep, Ava Denning, Madison Pedigo

This is the office of officer Lada.

It’s different hours, different schedule, and its a different setting but it’s really fun”

— Officer Lada

Police officer Lada was made Salina Centrals resource officer about a week and a half ago. Officer Lada said that working here has been “ a different setting and fun”.  After being asked about How long he has been working at central he said “ a week and some change”. A Lot of you might be thinking who picks him? Well the answer is sergeant cox; the head boss. She will assign you a place to go and that’s where you will be; the principle has nothing to do with it. Officer Lada has only been a police officer for three and half years now. He Grew up in a town called Wamego Kansas; outside Manhattan. He then moved to Salina for college. He went to Kansas State University then to admission then joined the navy. During college he studied unman systems (Drones). He then began to work at K-State in the ‘unman systems Department’. He loved that work so much that he wanted to bring it into the police force. Officer Lada said his least favorite part about the resource officer job is that he has 5 different schools he must travel to. He said the work hours are “very different from what I have ever had”. On top of all that this is his first year being a resource officer, he has only lived in Salina for 5 years. We asked Lada about him and if he had any kids. Lada has 2 Corgis which he loves. They are just like his kids. Lada expressed that he got into the job because he loves helping people. Lada also had a very good message to our whole school. “Try to not get into trouble, just go to class, I know a lot of people don’t want to spend time in class, but in reality it’s a small time. Just get it done because the more issues you have the longer you’re going to be here.” He believes that if you just do it, it will go by and you won’t have to be here longer and it will help you in the future. “In college it’s easy to skip cause your only accountable for yourself so get in the habit now of making good decision to help your future”.