2019 Cheer Tryouts

A cheerleading informational meeting was held on March 19. Twenty girls showed up to the meeting, along with two boys. All of them participated in the previous season, except for three.  


¨I want to say tryouts were harder this year. Harder because we are learning a little bit harder material, as well as cheers. But it’s become easier because i don’t feel as much pressure,¨ said returning cheerleader freshman Damien Anderson.


The meeting covered the run-down of the sport, explaining how cheerleading is year round. The athletes have three chants to learn and a routine which was taught from March 25 to March 27.


The participants were scored on; spirit, jumps, how well they performed each individual chant, how well they performed the routine, along with how well they tumbled. The score sheets total to a hundred and twenty five points. The score they accumulate is the final decision on if they are going to become apart of the team.


When asking one of the returning cheerleaders how they felt about this years tryouts, freshman Hannah Watkins, said ¨It was stressful and fun, knowing the seniors, but I didn’t want the seniors to go.¨

Letters were handed out Friday, March 29, with a list of the new 2019-2020 cheer season.

The following who made the team are

-Damien Anderson

-Israel Barlow

-Vidhi Bhakta

-Oriana Botz

-Sarah Bowser

-Sonny Cooper

-Kiya Cunningham

-Kamryn Derrick

-Jacqui Dyson

-Allie Fischer

-Jaylyn Haggard

-Payton Jeakins

-Malorie Jester

-Devina Madera

-Alexis Martinez

-Aundrea Martinez

-Kelsie Pasley

-Anyah Polk-Darby

-Kaliyah Potts

-Essense Richardson

-Allexys Ronning-Franco

-Megan Scates

-Nyvea Sparks

-Saria Taylor

-Alex Ulrich

-Hannah Watkins

-Jaylynn White

Josiah Nelson
Returners interact with incoming athletes.