ACT ‘Put your best foot forward’

Snow day causes test makeup day state wide

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ACT ‘Put your best foot forward’

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On February 20th, Salina Kansas was hit with a snowstorm cancelling classes at Salina Central High School. The snow also wreaked havoc on the planned American College Testing day. ACT is very tightly controlled so rescheduling isn’t as easy as picking a day on the calendar. The test can only be rescheduled for April 2nd; national make up testing day. An interesting fact that makes 2019 different from other years is that the Kansas legislature has paid for every junior in Kansas to take the ACT for free. This allowed around 200 Central High Juniors and seniors

“I don’t subscribe to an idea that if you do poorly on a test your a bad student, but I do think its important to not say you know what im a bad test taker so i’m not going to try. I think its always important to try. ”

— Principal Scott Lee

to participate. Due to the recent announcements a few of us journalism students wanted to find out what Freshman Principal Lee thought about the ACT.


After interviewing Mr. Lee we came to the realization that the test scores at Central High School have declined over time. Some students just haven’t been taking the tests very seriously and its hard trying to figure out whether or not the students are actually struggling or not putting in the effort.  By speaking more about ACT over the announcements it will give our students motivation to try harder to improve test scores. The administration is attempting to “get a better picture of what our kids are actually capable of as opposed to a kid just sitting down and clicking C all the way through” says Lee. By having conversations about the ACT we can spark renewed interest in students. The ACT is an indicator as to whether students are college ready or need help in a targeted area.


Not every student has aspirations of a four year degree at a university. Lee also mentions he is not promoting ACT above trade schools, “ we are so concerned about college bound kids and there is lots of kids that aren’t going to college, that we care about”. He goes on to say that he is very proud of the students that choose schools such as Salina Tech, K-State Polytechnic, and internships. He believes that not doing well on a test does not define who you are as a person or a student but not putting in the effort is frustrating for everyone. Going on to say “ In everything you do in life it’s important to try your best”.

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