Having What it Takes to Make it to State

Starting off the Season Right

Karlyn Brecheisen

If your goal for everything you do is to not be the best and win state, you aren’t competitive enough.”

— Brogen Richardson

Mustang baseball started off their season early this March. Practicing Monday-Friday, working with the new players and figuring out new positions.

As of the 2018 year, the team lost nine seniors. They currently have two returning seniors, Ben Driver and Brogen Richardson.

The incoming freshman for this year was so large that they had to create a freshman team for the 2019 season along with Junior Varsity and Varsity of course. Although there is not as many upperclassman with experience on a high school team, Coach Dee Kolzow says, “We are going to be young but I think we are going to get better and better as the year goes along.”

As the years continue this team will grow together and hopefully improve with each season that goes by.

When it comes to goals for a team, many other sports would tell you that getting to state would be one of them. For the Mustangs baseball though, that is not the case, or at least for Coach Dee Kolzow.

Perhaps beating Goddard would be more of an accomplishment for the mustangs this season.  

Hannah Watkins
The Players and Coaches end practice by “breaking it down”

Coach Kolzow explains that state isn’t even on his mind at this point. They are focusing on a victory against Goddard.

Senior Brogen Richardson has different thoughts about state though.

If your goal for everything you do is to not be the best and win state you aren’t competitive enough”.

Mustang baseball has not yet achieved a chance at state for more than 4 years. It is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication from these players, competing in one of the best leagues in Kansas, to accomplish such a goal. Do the mustangs have what it takes?

The returners and more experienced players are going to have to show major leadership skills this season for those young, new, members of the team.


Jaiichon Cathey
Players practice throwing

Showing them what it takes to win and take pride in what they do.

The team would be pleased and overly excited to have a chance at state this year.

What a great feeling that would be!

Along with beating one of their biggest competition, Goddard, of course.

Many of the players have high hopes for this season such as junior Griffin Dodge. “I think we will get there and I think we will do pretty well”  he says.

It is a new season, meaning new things coming for the Salina Central Baseball team. Starting the 2019 season off with new players, new positions, new strategies, and high hopes. By the end of the season they hope to accomplish all of their goals and more. Especially improving each game and building as a team for the next years. Most importantly, having fun and enjoying the sport.