Choir Concert: Hitting the High Notes or Just Off Key?

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Choir Concert: Hitting the High Notes or Just Off Key?

Krenda Seiler

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On Thursday, October 11th, the very first vocal concert  of this year happen at Salina Central High School. Many people came to watch the concert.

But the question is how did the vocal students feel after the concert? I was able to talk to many people who were in involved, one of them is Douglass Chance.

Chance is in three choirs; Free Spirit, Men’s Chorus, and Choraliers. He’s been singing for five years and got to perform at the concert.

“Choraliers were behind, but we came through,”  Chance said.

Luckily everyone had a little surprise at the concert. During the concert a bat came out of no where and flew around the school auditorium.

Chance was one who saw the bat.

“every time it slip down I would say, yo batman, what’s up yo?” Chance says.

The bat was definitely the star at the great first concert. Chance wasn’t the only choir member that had a memorable show. freshmen, Emma Kelly got to perform with Choraliers, despite Choraliers being a upperclassman only choir.

” it was kind of a mix up in schedule, but I had a long talk with Mr. Holmquist and we figured things out,” Kelly said.

We asked the young singer what she thought of the concert, ” It went pretty well for being our Fall concert” Kelly said.

Vocal teacher Ryan Holmquist was very pleased with the concert.

” It went really well, it was a great first concert,” Holmquist said.

Everyone Enjoyed the first Fall concert and can’t wait to see Joyous Noel December 13, at 7:00pm in the auditorium.

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