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Taya Nguyen, Writer

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All around the US and the world, people are afraid of showing their true selves. Whether it be in their social lives, personal lives, or both, they are afraid of discrimination. There are people who don´t support these people for who they are, sometimes even in their own families. Gay Pride week is meant to help these people out, and help them get the support they need, from people who have already came out are support them.

¨People have rights and I support everyone exercising their rights!¨ Teacher Tony Chesney said.

Whether you love it or you hate it, the LGBT+ community is an important -and controversial- topic. This is an especially controversial topic in the state of Kansas, which just so happens to be quite conservative, and doesn´t have the best track record of LGBT+ support.

However, it seems like students from Salina Central disagree. In a poll run by the CHS Pylon, 54% of people had a positive opinion over the LGBT+ community, while 27% of people had a neutral opinion, and the remaining 18% don´t support the LGBT+ community.

While Freshman Austin Atkins isn´t part of the LGBT+ community, he supports the community and sees them as equals. He believes people should fall in love with the soul, and it is the individual´s choice and their choice only of what they see themselves as.

There are also many teachers who support the community, many also being part of the community themselves.

While Kansas as a whole seems to be anti-LGBT+, there are many places of support for the LGBT+ community hidden in this state, and a majority of future voters and politicians support LGBT+ rights, so Kansas might become friendly to the LGBT+ community thanks to these people, with the support of the voters who already support the LGBT+ community´s rights.

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