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Satisfying the Student Section

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Satisfying the Student Section

Maddison Barleen, writer and Makenzie Maring, editor

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Senior Kyah Arcayan walks into the Salina Central football stadium. She is pumped about being able to dress in her pajamas with school spirit!

¨For pajamas day I was really excited to just show up and look like trash,¨ Arcayan said.

Photo by Greg Maring.

There has been some controversy over the student section themes. Some think the themes are good. However, others think they could be improved, or are just bad in general.

¨I would like it if we could replace camo day with a new theme. Maybe like Frat Friday, or something like a white out,” stated Arcayan.

A topic many students were confused about is that the pink-out theme in the student section is in September. However, breast cancer awareness month is in October.

Photo by Kyah Arcayan.

“Stuco members agreed that pink out in October didn’t make much sense. However, it came from higher up. Still, it was a good way to rally our community together for a good cause. I think it is important to raise awareness all the time, not just in a certain month, its purpose was served,” STUCO member Audrey Burgoon said. 

With some reach out for improvement on the themes, some popular themes were Hawaiian and America.

¨My favorite theme was probably Hawaiian because I think its super easy for people to dress up, and you can do alot of things with that particular theme,¨ Sophomore Maxwell Shaffer said.

From another point of view, senior varsity football player, Tyler Mayorga, is always most excited to see students show up in the student section with their American gear on.

Being on the field, Mayorga stated, “The student section themes affect the atmosphere because the players feed off the student section. I mean you hear the hoopin’ and hollerin’ from the crowd and it just really gets you pumped.”

Some players, like Mayorga may wish to participate in some of the themes, ¨If could participate in any of the student section themes it would definitely be the one with the US-of-A,”  Mayorga said.

Some unpopular themes, were camo and pajama day.

¨My least favorite theme is going to be camo/hunting,¨ Burgoon said.

Some students would prefer to have some themes completely gone. On the other hand, others think some of the themes could just be improved by bringing noodles and swimming floaties for the Hawaiian theme. There could be many new themes in the future.

For now, students will continue to support and cheer for the Mustang football team, no matter what the theme.

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Satisfying the Student Section