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The Stories Behind the Story

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The Stories Behind the Story

Makayla Anderson, Anna Gutierrez, and Triniti Chance

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They look down at their watches and see that it’s 12 in the morning. They all have articles due in 2 hours. They scatter through all their notes to find a quote. With they last drop of energy they have, they write the final paragraph, to their breaking story, only to see their article isn’t long enough…

Pylon Adviser J.D. Garber said “The creativity of the students and the talent that I get to be surrounded by each year. I also really enjoy when the students earn recognition for their work..”


“Students develop their stories with the help of their editor.” said Garber.

When asked about his favorite story so far, Garber said, “There was a story about Gen Z and immigration that I thought were particularly well written that I truly enjoyed reading. It’s difficult to pick one but i’ve really enjoyed stories each year that our fresh. I’ve advised for 10 years so the stories often overlap and sound the same. It’s nice when a student writes something new.”

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News reporting has always been a passion of mine so as soon as the job opened I applied.”

— J.D. Garber

Senior Maria Gutierrez certainly enjoys working with Garber.

“He’s crazy, but his confidence in his staff is contagious. He makes me believe that our staff is capable of greatness.”

Gutierrez has a very important job, Copy Editor of the Pylon. It may be difficult at times, but overall Gutierrez loves it.

“The best part is helping out my staff members. It’s rewarding to help them better communicate their ideas as reporters, and to make sure we produce quality content” Gutierrez said.

The Copy Editor has the job to go through the Pylon stories and look at grammatical errors, the sentence structure, and spelling errors; overall it’s telling the others how to improve their stories.

Most students wouldn’t even consider joining the Pylon, or doing any more English than they already have to. But it’s different for Gutierrez.

“I’ve always loved writing and I wanted to be able to have an outlet to my skills to use. The Pylon offered me that.” Said Gutierrez.

Senior Holly Sanderson is also apart of Pylon. She’s the Sports Editor, she creates pages and writes about the news on Central sports. The favorite story written by her, Sanderson said, was “The story about Greg Gibson beating cancer.”

Sanderson joined the Pylon when Garber came up to her in class, and “threatened” her when she didn’t fill out the form. An interesting way to expand your staff.

So the Pylon is more than just a news source, it’s a team. A team that works together to let the student body know what’s happening at Salina Central.

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