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LGBT – Spirit Week

Rose Ahlvers

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There’s lots of teenagers and adults who are in the LGBT community. The meaning in of the LGBT is lesbian, gay, bi, and trans. Chloe Bennett, freshmen from Central High School is part of the community.

“Sometimes it’s kinda hard because you get bullied for being different,” says junior, Chloe Bennett, who’s part of the LGBT community. “You get bullied for liking girls, so some people don’t want to come out because they’re scared that people  are not gonna like them anymore” says Chloe. She gets teased by girls for just liking her own gender. “So, usually when i go up to a girl and be like ‘Hey, I like you.’ and they be like ‘Get away, I’m straight. Leave me alone.’ says Chloe. Chloe’s sexuality is panisexual.

“It’s kinda fun.” says freshmen, Jacob Armstrong, who’s a supporter of the LGBT community.

“It doesn’t bother me, I know other people who think otherwise about it and it kinda angers me because people can be what they want. I don’t really care what anyone does to their own body, it’s their’s.” says Jacob.

“Most of my friends are in the LGBT community. It should be as an actual thing, and it shouldn’t be as thought weird,” says Jacob who’s a supporter because of most of his friends that are in the LGBT community.

“It’s okay. I care for the cause, I do think that this is a important thing. It’s just that I don’t really worry about much things when it comes to the LGBT community,” says senior, Brax Hecter

“I actually think it’s a really good thing. That the LGBT community is a really important thing for a lot of people,” says, Brax. “Having a gay member in my family kinda makes me feel more inclusive, and how people come out. It’s a really important thing, and that it’s a real big deal for a lot of people,” says Brax who has a family member in the LGBT community.

“Everyone has a right to love whoever they want, and it’s wrong to assume that a guy has to love a girl, and a girl who has to love a guy,” says freshmen, Jasmine Ahlvers, who’s in the LGBT community. “It’s interesting because you get to know how they feel about other people,” says Jasmine.

Some people don’t really agree with the LGBT community like Shawn and Jolene Wynne.

“I’m against it because there is a group of people who think they don’t have the rights to do what they want, but they do. They has the same rights as you and I. We live in America. They cant ask for protest for rights they already have. They’re not educated enough,” says Shawn.

He believes that the LGBT community should stop protesting against laws and unfairness. They already have the right to do what they want. America is a free country.

“Kids that are being forge to endear and other kids from social media or from the school district, themselves and teachers, and principals do not explain good enough what it actually means,” says Jolene

According to Jolene, she thinks that schools and social media should be more careful of what they’re talking about. She believes that school and social media is brainwashing kids into believing that people should get a sex change or being someone they’re not.

Shawn feels that there should be people who need to be reeducated in away that our country is actually ran. “Its them afraid of society and how we treat them,” says Shawn.

“It goes back to the right of age. You have to be a curtain age to know your sexuality, and for them to aim at these 8 to 16 year old children or even 3 year olds going around saying i’m a boy or i’m a girl, its not right. They don’t know what sexuality is or what a boy or girl is until they’re 18 or sexually mature,” says Jolene.

People at Central High School made posters and coming out rings for the LGBT Spirit Week. They made lapel pins for the LGBT community, soon passing them around the school for Coming Out Spirit Week.





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