Upcoming Football Game

Madi Suenram, Reporter

As the Mustangs get ready to kick-off another football game, we got some of their thoughts and opinions. They shared about how they think they will play, how they will prepare, and many more thoughts that impact them as a team.

Senior Gavin Prester, was asked his thoughts over the new head football coach, Coach Sandbo.

“He is very energetic,” Prester said.

This season, the Mustangs so far have had four wins, and most important, they won the Mayor’s Cup. The Mustangs haven’t won the Mayor’s Cup, in seven years. This is one big accomplishment for the Mustangs.

“As a team we have improved in each phase. From summer camps, to fall practice, to the first game, to now,” Coach Sandbo said.

Sandbo also adds that he enjoys his job, because, “it keeps me active and energized, and I get to be around good people.” Coach Sandbo, has helped the team improve over the season in many ways, and will continue to make the Mustangs the best they can be.

“I have always played, and I get to play with friends,” freshman Andin Price┬ásaid.

We asked Price what he enjoys most about being apart of the team, and he said “The locker room is the best part. It’s crazy.” Many of the players have told us that the locker room hypes them up, and makes them feel close as a team.

When Price was asked how he thinks their upcoming game will go, his response was “We are gonna kill ’em.”

Hopefully the Mustangs will get another dub, and continue to get more as the season comes to an end.

Tonight the mustangs will play against the Newton Railers, at 7 p.m.

Football players join hands, as they walk to flip the coin. The mustangs are ready to take on offense or defense.

Quinn Stewart, #19 Ben Driver, #20, and #2, Gavin Prester celebrate on the field.


The Mustangs will take on the Newton Railers, on Friday October 5.