Varsity Volleyball Against South

Avery Darby

For Salina Central’s Varsity volleyball team, it’s been a challenging season. Games have been ending within two to five points of winning, but as the season moves on the team is getting gradually closer to winning.

Senior Delaney Nash admits that the team’s history with South has not always been successful, but she is excited to play against them tomorrow.

“I’m really excited to get back at them because we have a new defense and I feel very confident in that,” says Nash.

Before the game against South on October 2, both Junior Ashley Matthews and Senior Sadie Kossow believe trust and communication throughout the team is needed to secure a win.

“We need to play good defense, play our hearts out, have good communication, and allow South to make mistakes,” says Matthews.

Hearing the crowd cheer and celebrating points with my team is something I always look forward to on Tuesday nights.”

— Sadie Kossow

Matthews, Kossow, and Nash can all agree they feel anxious before their games, but their excitement and love for the sport overtakes that.

“Before a game, I always feel anxious to play, but I know what it takes to win so I just try to prepare myself for playing my heart out. I usually pray, hug one of my teammates, and try not to shake too much,” says Matthews.

After the Varsity game against South, Senior Lauren Cullins admits the team faced struggles throughout the night, and feels the effort put in at practice didn’t show on the court.

“Last night we kind of struggled all-together, but we do work hard at practice. It just sometimes doesn’t show on the court,” says Cullins.

Struggles faced during the game included the team not working as a whole.

“When we get frustrated we don’t come together as a team, and we play as individuals.

Despite the teams loss, Cullins says there were strengths during the night.

“There were some plays where we got prefect sets and perfect passes. We had some really good plays,” says Cullins.

The final score of the first game was a loss of 15-25 and a loss in the second game of 17-25.