Teacher’s “Rock”

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Teacher’s “Rock”

Emerson Turpin

Emerson Turpin

Emerson Turpin

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It was between late June and early July of 2018. The football team’s head coach, Mark Sandbo, saw an engraved Salina Central rock under assistant coach, Rick O’Neill’s chair.

Sandbo decided the rock was something special. The two proceeded to find a spot for the rock in Sandbo’s office. Somewhere people could see and admire it.

At the time he didn’t know what it was for, nor do a lot of Central’s students.

“We have two rocks we go through and identify somebody in the building who is either doing something great, or we want to recognize them. Basically, just show hey, you are doing what we want our staff to do. You are embodying the spirit of Salina Central. You are a positive person in the building,” Principal Nate Showman said.

Much like teacher of the month, the rock is another way to appreciate staff members. However, after a staff member has received it they get to keep it for about two weeks. Then they pass it along to a coworker who they feel is doing outstanding things in the building.

Whether its a teacher, classified staff, or someone who works in the kitchen, the rock can be given to any staff member.

“I think it’s important for people to be recognized by their peers. Also so that it’s not just something coming straight from administration, but it’s also, we’re working along side of each other. I’m seeing you do something awesome every single day. I wanna give you a shoutout,” Showman said.

Showman was the one who brought the rock to Salina Central. There are two rocks set in play between the staff members. One belongs to Sandbo. The other belongs to Steven Rivers.

Rivers received the rock from JD Garber

Steven Rivers stand with the rock. Photo by Emerson Turpin

“It was totally a surprise,” Rivers said. “It was a good feeling, and my students also feel really good about it as well. I explained to them that it wasn’t just about me receiving it for something that I had done, but I have a team that I work with. I have two paras and another lady that works with us from Central Kansas Mental Health, so I explained to them that it was a team effort and not just me.”

The rock’s purpose and importance was shared with Sandbo by Showman.

“I didn’t know what it was for, but now that I do, humble, honored. It sounds like a lot of good teachers have had that rock in their hands for a period of time,” Sandbo said

Mark Sandbo holds the rock. Photo by Emerson Turpin

As the two, well deserved, teachers not to long ago received the rock, it’s almost time to pass it along.

“My kids said that they wanted to help me make that decision, who we would pass it onto, so I’m going to let them do that. I think they have a couple people in mind,” Rivers said. “For one thing, they really need to love to work with kids, be around kids, and dedication to what they do.”

“I think everybody I’ve stumbled across in 305 probably is more deserving of that rock than me,” Sandbo described. “Attributes that I would look for would be relationships with kids, what type of teacher, that they see themselves as are they a go getter are they somebody who puts kids first and teaches around that area, there’s a lot of good ones out there.”

The rock is an undeniable form of appreciation among the staff members.

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