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Imagine sitting in a classroom, the teacher is going over the math homework, and no matter how many times she explains it, you still dont understand. You’re drowning in words and explainations that dont seem to connect with you. For many students, this is their life, and people like to label them as “disfunctional”, “stupid” and “unresponsive”. These students are often left behind to struggle, this is where PBD classes come in.

PBD stands for preformanced based diploma. If you qualify, PBD classes allow you to learn at your own pace using the  Edgenuity program. Students that take PBD classes are allowed to learn on their own without having to worry about catching up or slowing everyone down.

Micheal Trow, a PBD world history teacher, says ” in pbd its like here is the things you need to acomplish im here to help here you go” pbd is something where you are at your own pace and can finsh at your own pace.

we asked juinor Araceli Rodriguez how she feels about pbd Juinor  Rodriguez said “i couldnt stand being around people and being in  a normal class room” Its easy to get your work done because you take notes and watch videos then take test then your on to the next lesson you can do your notes at home and then get to class and get straight  to the test



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pbd story