The Staff and Student’s Recycling Program is Growing

Rashada Smith

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Makenna Haith
Recycling bins labeled in English teacher Teree Rohleder’s classroom.

For the last couple of years, Central High has been running a recycling program for the school to take innovative and get rid of a lot of waste that we are producing. Science teacher Dustin Burgardt took over this program during the bond construction after Science teacher Sheila Shaffer’s reign.

“During the construction, there was a transition phase where we weren’t recycling so I wanted to try and push to recycle as much as we could, even in the construction…” Burgardt said.

Burgardt believes that the program is “moderately successful” at the moment.

“We have a prospect for moving forward and creating a garden for the school,” Burgardt said.

Shaffer also has an opinion about our school’s recycling program.

“…every kid that knows about recycling then spreads the word,” she said. Shaffer hopes that recycling at Central can inspire the students, families, and local citizens to start recycling like a “ripple effect”.

Even the students participating in this program have something to say. Senior Thy Nguyen, collects recycled products here every Tuesday and Thursday.

“…by promoting it, and spreading the word…so making posters or joining the club,” Nguyen says about ways that students can get more involved.

So, if see the recycling bins in your teacher’s classrooms this year, remember to drop your paper and plastic bottles in to help save the Earth, one piece at a time.


Makenna Haith
A sticker in English teacher Teree Rohleder’s classroom.

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