New teacher McDiffett enjoys photography

Alexisse Pack

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English teacher Danton McDiffett has been doing photography for 10 years. He got into it because “it’s a way to get onto the sidelines in sports.” McDiffett’s favorite sport to photograph is basketball.

Emotions McDiffett feels are sometimes frustration because he didn’t get the shot he wants, and also joy when he gets the perfect shot.

A memory he has is going to a market in Thailand where no one speaks English. “I’d have to point to my camera and they’d get the idea and smile and point to what they were selling,” says McDiffett.

His other hobbies include reading and exercising. Photography is his way of creating something, and reading is his way of seeing someone else’s creativity come alive. And exercising is physical as opposed to mental.

He likes taking pictures of scenery, sports, and his cat.

He plans to start a photography club for those interested. That will start after December.

He would like to include that photography is a great hobby to get into. But he says the best way to get a great picture is through a camera, not your phone.

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