Career Cruising Chaos


Joe Hall

Imagine this, you’re sitting in a classroom bored out of your mind on a sweltering Wednesday afternoon. It’s the last class of the day, and you just want to be done with school. The previous few classes did not help in the slightest towards your attitude, yet here you are typing away at your chromebook. You listen to the sounds of some country song you’ve heard for the twelfth time.

In reality, it’s your average career cruising ELO period. With this image painted in your head, how bad can Career Cruising actually be?

“It takes away time we could be doing homework, or doing stuff we actually need to do in ELO,” Senior Gavin Prester said.

Career Cruising is supposed to be helping students, but it’s really just making students more and more frustrated. Some feel it doesn’t do what it was designed to do.

“I do believe it is a waste of time. It takes up useful time that I could be doing homework, but instead I’m using that time for something absolutely pointless,” Sophomore Cooper Taggart said. “I don’t think career cruising will be beneficial because no one will ever use this for the future, and it will just be something from high school they’ll forget.”

Career Cruising is trying its hardest to help the next generation to decide on a career that will be beneficial to their skills and abilities, but how well does it actually benefit students in the future?

Dawsen Counts, a sophomore in college, stated, “the matchmaker test did not give me careers that I felt I wanted to pursue at all. I am a current Animal Science / Pre-Vet student, and the #1 choice that was given to me consistently was a chimney sweeper. After that, there was a few relatable careers, but they were quite surface level, like a librarian or a school teacher. There is absolutely nothing wrong these jobs, but I wanted Career Cruising to expand my vision of career options, but it did not.”

Career Cruising has an apparent disapproval among many students.

Photos by Emerson Turpin