Becoming a CNA


Max Shaffer

Students learn the proper way to put on CNA gowns, gloves and masks.

Max Shaffer

CNA teacher, Naomi Tatro teaches what it takes to become a certified nursing assistant(CNA). “The students must pass the class with at least a 75%, if they do that, they’ll pass the class, lab and clinical piece, because we take them to an actual nursing home, then take their CNA test, also known as their state board, which the test itself is a 2 hour test, over at Salina Tech,” said Tatro.

Tatro says that the students will be CPR certified and CNA credentialed by the time that the class is over.

Slightly before the first semester ends, Tatro takes 10 students at a time to a nursing home here in Salina. “We go to a nursing home, and the students pretty much get to work as aides for a day, and they get to see what we’ve been studying in class in work. We are there from seven to about two thirty, and they are there for four days of school, because they need 25 hours of clinical,” said Tatro.