Cloudy With a Chance of Victory

Nyvea Sparks, Reporter

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On September 20th, Salina Central Varsity Boys Soccer team won against Maize South with a score of 2-1.

Freshman Grant Sheppard is a goalie for the soccer team. Sheppard says he feels no pressure on being a freshman goalie. “The only time I was nervous was during my first week of playing.”

Junior Arran Wilson says that “I felt comfortable with Sheppard being goalie for last night’s game.” He says “he has the skills for it and is a confident team player.”

Sophomore Liam Foley said that he believes the season so far is going great he feels that the game that they lost against Eisenhower helped push them to win the game against Maize South.

David Grammer says, “The first goal we scored earlier in the game gave us confidence to score yet another point before half time.” After halftime, no points were scored and eventually the game was called due to an upcoming storm.

The soccer boys were excited about the win especially after the loss two weeks ago, but most of the boys thought that they were thinking too highly of themselves so the loss helped them to work harder for the win last Thursday.

The boys soccer team is doing well in the season with a 4-1 record and got 1st place in the “Titans Classic” at the beginning of the season.


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