Making noise in the music scence

Senior Josh Rubino devotes his time to mastering the art of music

Keaton Beach

Chloe Guillot and Keaton Beach

Senior Josh Rubino is many things: student, employee, thespian and amateur musician. Within the confines of his bedroom, Rubino has created a fully functioning music studio where he writes, creates and produces original music.

“I started writing songs maybe my sophomore year of high school and experimenting with writing my own songs on the piano. I kind of used what I learned from school: learning rhythms and reading notes,” Rubino said.

Keaton Beach
Senior Josh Rubino drums away during ELO. Rubino was a part of jazz band all four years of high school. “I make [music] to express myself I guess. I feel that when I write a song it’s almost like getting something off my chest,” Rubino said.

Rubino was first introduced to music through jazz band, where he has played drums for four years. Although Rubino’s talents expand past the confines of a snare and cymbals, the knowledge he attained in class served as the foundation for his music career. 

Jazz band really got me going in the creative process”

— Josh Rubino

“Jazz band really got me going in the creative process. We had to learn improv and we learned all the jazz scales. Basically, we had to make our own music on the spot so that was kind of the start,” Rubino said.

Rubino released his first EP, “Good Enough,” in April, publishing his original music to Apple Music, SoundCloud and Spotify. With only five songs, “Good Enough” is a small sample of Rubino’s potential. After watching Rubino evolve from a shy freshman to a musical entrepreneur, band teacher Ben Rohrer admires Rubino’s creative ability.

“I think that the creativity that he utilizes in his own performance really helps him a lot. There is a certain amount of discipline that you have to have to be able to create compositions and create solos like he has done,” Rohrer said.

Although Rubino plans to convey his creativity through a career in architecture, he will continue to express his voice through his musical talents. For Rubino, creating music is not about garnering attention or making money; it is about developing an outlet for his emotions.

“This is going to sound cliché, but I think I make music to express myself. I feel that when I write a song, it’s almost like getting something off my chest,” Rubino said.